David Melvin is half Chinese. The other half is a Pupu platter of English, Cherokee, Dutch Jew, French, Pacific Islander, and scraps of Irish and Blackfoot. But most people in LA think he’s Mexican. That said, Melvin’s experience growing up an enormous Asian immigrant family, while also being part of the fastest growing population in America, i.e. multi-ethnic non-whites (or beige), gives him a unique perspective on race and politics in America, which he prefers to express through social satire.


Melvin has written, directed, and produced an array of professional and independent projects throughout his career. As a screenwriter, he's written scripts for Paramount,Warner Brothers, Universal, and Disney. His directing has appeared on Syfy, the History Channel, Disney Channel, Shorts TV, and at film festivals around the world. He’s worked closely with and learned his craft from some of the top directors in the industry, most notably, JJ Abrams, Ridley Scott, the Coen Brothers, and Steven Soderbergh. Melvin is also the founder of Blue Giant, a commercial production company in Hollywood.

anima (ˈa-nə-mə) 

1. JUNGIAN PSYCHOLOGY – The term for the female archetype, specifically, the unconscious feminine side of a manThe part of the psyche that is in touch with the subconscious, i.e. the true self. Often contrasted with the persona or false self.

2. LATIN – Life force, breath, soul, spirit or vital force: from the root ane– "to give breath,” from which animal and animate originate.

3. MELVIN – The internal, relentless force that turns craft into art and expertise into mastery.